Meet Karin

Karin has been a volunteer at High Hopes since April 2018. Karin came to High Hopes with not a lot of horse experience but was ready to learn. She has been helping out weekly in the barn and each time she volunteers she learns more about our horses. She is dependable and we are lucky to have her to help get horses ready for lessons and keeping the barn clean.

When asked what she liked most about volunteering, Karin stated “the horses, barn, people, work, sights and smells, learning, getting to be part of a fabulous program.” She went on to say her favorite memory was “being trusted to turn out Sebastian after his lesson: the stillness and quiet except for his hooves clopping on the road to his paddock and our breathing; the clear, cold night sky; his apparent joy in returning evidenced by a brief gallop toward the hay; the sense of peace returning to the barn to finish up for the night.” With her new knowledge, Karin can now have more conversations with her horse loving 13 year old granddaughter and strengthen their relationship although they live far apart.

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