Meet Wendy

“My daughter Brenna introduced me to High Hopes. She started volunteering at 12 years old. I would drive her from Clinton twice a week and sit and wait for her. I realized I could be doing something instead of just waiting. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love my time at the barn. I have been with the same rider for several years now and feel like we’ve become family. I enjoy being with the horses. Everyone at High Hopes is so incredibly welcoming and friendly. It’s where I go to relax and refresh myself. The first time my rider went off lead on his own was amazing! When I first met him I was warned he may jump off the horse. I was so excited he had advanced so much. I was so proud of him!”

Wendy has been a trusted volunteer since 2014. She works hard with her participants to build their riding skills. All of that practice paid off because now she is able to use those skills herself as a leader in class. The image above is with her and one of the High Hopes horses Timmy.

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