Meet Mike and Andrea!

Mike and Andrea are one of the power volunteer couples at High Hopes. They began volunteering together in 2016 and within that time have volunteered a combined total of over 1,100 hours! They volunteer as leaders, sidewalkers, with unmounted lessons, in the barn, and as a feeders.

When asked about why she volunteers, Andrea states “High Hopes enriches my soul. I always feel better after volunteering. Whether it is barn work and feeding or I am with the kids in program, it is always a wonderful experience.” Her favorite part about volunteering is “getting to know and love the herd, and getting to know all the riders I have lead or sidewalked for.”

Both Mike and Andrea are always a joy to have in class. They both have extraordinary work ethic which makes them invaluable. They get along with any horse or participant. It’s common to see children getting ready for their lesson and excited to see Mr. Mike again regardless of if he is their leader or sidewalker. Mike states that his favorite memory is “helping in a class and one of the students every time he saw me laughed and waved. It was the best thing ever, I worked with this student before and it was awesome that he remembered me and just wanted to say hi.”

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