Meet Cheryl!

Cheryl began volunteering with us at High Hopes in 2013. Since the beginning, Cheryl has been dependable and eager to learn. She has taken every opportunity to help with as many different participants and horses as possible. She volunteers as an ELP coach, sidewalker, feeder, and most recently a carriage driving header.

She has extensive patience and a calm confidence that soothes any participant. She mostly sidewalks with children and you can always tell she puts her heart into making sure her riders succeed. She says her favorite part about volunteering at High Hopes is “working with kind and intelligent people who find joy in helping others, the participants who bring us joy, and the horses, the horses, the horses.” Her favorite memory is helping with an unmounted ELP. “My first long term assignment, partnering with a young participant as he (and I) learned how to set up tack. And my first encounter with Buddy, who was infinitely patient as I picked his gigantic hooves.”

The image above is Cheryl feeding our High Hopes herd. She helped every Wednesday rain or shine (or snow!) We are so grateful for Cheryl and all the work she does while at High Hopes. She makes a difference for our participants and our horses.

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