Equine Resource Manager

Position Purpose

Manage equine resources to ensure optimum contribution to the High Hopes programs.

Organizational Relationships

Reports to Equine Operations Director; supervises schoolers, horse handlers and program volunteers who interact with equines; Interacts with other staff, committees as needed

Resources Managed (budget and FTEs)

Full time salaried exempt position; Manages training and development of equines.

Primary Duties

  • Ensure that equine partners are suitable for program activities through development and management of ongoing training, schooling and conditioning plans.
  • Collaborate with Lesson Manager, Program Director and other staff to ensure program needs are met
  • Participate in training volunteers relative to equine care, horse handling, exercise and schooling as needed
  • Monitor daily equine staff performance/usage in all programs
  • Teach assigned classes
  • Mentor ITCs, Interns and other staff as needed
  • Interact with equine community and prospective horse owners to identify equine resources

Training & Education Preferred

Equine training and handling expertise.

Prior Experience Preferred

  • PATH Advanced level certification
  • PATH Certified Driving Certification
  • Strong familiarity with equine needs specific to EAAT


  • Highly organized
  • Effective communication skills

Detail / Comments (specific skills, etc.)

Interacts with staff, volunteers and community regarding behavior.

Letters of inquiry and resumes may be submitted to

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