Meet Betsy!

Betsy has helped as both a leader and a sidewalker in our therapeutic riding program since 2011. Betsy comes in each week before her lesson to thoroughly groom and tack her horse to get them ready to work. She spends as much time with her horses as possible before class just silently and happily grooming. The horses, of course, shine once she is done with them. In class, Betsy is calm and supportive of both her horse and rider.

Not only does she volunteer weekly in class, but she also is a great resource when there is an open volunteer spot. She frequently picks up additional spots throughout the week and meets each new rider or horse with a smile on her face.

When asked what her favorite High Hopes memory was she couldn’t choose one specific memory. Instead she says “not one memory but many, the courage of the children and the joy they take in their horse partners, the compassion and skill of the instructors and other volunteers, the patience of the horses.” Her favorite part of being a volunteer is “feeling part of a very special place. Interacting with the children and horses.”

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