Meet Sarah!

Meet Sarah! She is an extremely valuable volunteer who leads in class and helps in the barn. Although she has a busy schedule as a senior in high school, Sarah always makes time to consistently lead in class which allows her to build relationships with both her horses and riders. Sarah has a calm and confident personality which allows her to get along with even our most challenging horses. Her confidence can also be felt by her riders. When Sarah is leading the young riders in class, they have the best time and know they are safe. When they feel safe, they can try new skills they never thought possible.

“My favorite memories at High Hopes are helping and watching each of the riders I have worked with over the past couple years grow and improve their skills. I love watching riders open up over the sessions I get to work with them; they are so fun to talk to and spend time with. I also love all of the horses at High Hopes, although I am partial to the ones I have had the pleasure to work with. High Hopes has made an incredible positive impact on my life. I am so happy to be a part of the community here and grateful for all of the new people I have gotten to know.”

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