Meet Cori!

Cori is a student at Yale University and began volunteering at High Hopes this past summer. She started right away as a horse leader in class. From the beginning Cori built a great relationship with her riders. With Cori’s extensive horse experience, she began to lead the more challenging horses and succeeded. She is also able to use her knowledge to help the riders who were working on being independent. She is able to provide the support the riders still need but also allow the freedom and independence for the riders to learn from experience. If the rider is off lead, Cori will reassuringly stay by the horses head but also allow the rider to figure out how to take control of their horse.

When asked what her favorite memory is she states “I’m not sure I can pinpoint just one! I always enjoy getting to see how all of the people and horses support and encourage each other to be patient, giving and kind. I love seeing how the students learn to work and connect with their horses and the joy and pride they take in their riding.”

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