Meet Maris!

Maris has been a member of the High Hopes community for a little over a year although it feels like much longer! Within that year, Maris has fully integrated herself into the volunteer corps. She volunteers twice a week with young riders between the ages of 4 and 9 years old. Maris comes in each week greeting everyone with the happiest smile. When asked what she likes most about volunteering, Maris simply states “the interaction with kids” and “every little smiling face!!!”

She is a joy to have in class because she is always conscious of her rider, their needs, and goals. With her riders, Maris is firm about the expectations of the class but also is quick to praise when it is deserved. Because of this, her riders work hard throughout the lesson to develop their riding skills. It is common for Maris to pull the instructor aside after a lesson and have an in depth discussion about her rider and the progress she has been seeing. It can be difficult sometimes for instructors to see or hear the little details about their riders but Maris always brings it to the instructor’s attention. She is always asking questions about different techniques and brainstorming with the instructors to think of new creative ideas on how to help her riders.

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