Instructor Education Course

Investing in your future

Lectures are designed for the equine professional interested in therapeutic riding, therapeutic riding Instructors-In-Training, and currently Certified Instructors looking for advancement and continuing education hours.

Full and half-day lectures are open to volunteers and professionals in the field for a nominal fee and are conducted as part of the High Hopes Instructor Education Course.

Lectures are also offered in themed multi-day modules, as webinars, or you can pick and choose from day-long lectures to meet your educational needs.

Riding from an Anatomical Point of View

What aspects of the horse’s movements make the horse an effective therapeutic partner? What anatomical structures affect postural alignment? Why is postural alignment important? How can postural alignment be improved? What is abnormal muscle tone? How does muscle tone affect the riders ability to control their horse? How do the movements of the horse affect muscle tone and which movements are the most effective for normalizing tone? Join us to improve your understanding of how our posture affects our abilities to ride or drive.  This lecture will discuss: Typical development vs. atypical development. How do atypical reflexes affect the rider’s movements? What activities can the instructor use to improve the rider’s effectiveness?

PATH Intl. CEUs 5DE 2 Riding CR

November 2023 offering- click here 

Physical Disabilities & Teaching Considerations

This lecture will provide an overview of physical disabilities and teaching considerations for common neurological and orthopedic impairments.  Join us to improve your understanding of how our posture affects our abilities to ride or drive. Review Precautions and Contraindications- how to interpret the PATH Intl. guidelines and make the best use of this resource.  Learn mechanics of mounting and dismounting- how to protect your back and how you can best assist your rider.


November 2023 offering- click here 

The Instructor

Learn how to improve your teaching skills. Strategies for effective group lesson management. Learn how to incorporate How’s, What’s, Why’s into your lessons. Task Analysis of riding skills. Safe an effective mounting and dismounting techniques.  Overview of intake and assessment of a new participant.  Learn how to write goals and objectives.

PATH Intl. CEUs 7CR per day

November 2023 offering- click here

Volunteer Management

Join us for a hybrid (in-person and virtual) series for instructors and volunteer coordinators.

You will learn strategic volunteer management strategies, communication techniques, and how to work with volunteers in and around EAS lessons. Along with this we offer practical applications to help attendees synthesize and utilize what they’ve learned.


PATH Intl. CEUs 6 riding CR

Online offerings can be found here

Therapy Horse

Equine selection and training are central to the success of our therapeutic horsemanship programs. Join our staff in a conversation about finding the right equine for your program’s needs, training them for their unique roles, and maintaining their well-being to ensure longevity in your herd.




Speech & Language, Sensory Integration & Autism

This workshop is ideal for all therapeutic riding professionals seeking an interactive, hands-on educational experience to further their understanding of autism and sensory processing issues in the Therapeutic Riding (TR) and Equine Assisted Service (EAS) settings.



Online offerings can be found here


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